The first 7 are of a reservoir on the way to Yosemite which when I have a bit more time I'll create a panorama as I will do with some of the other series on this page.

The beauty and magnificence of Yosemite is nothing that I, lacking in eloquence can begin to describe.  Spending only a day and a half there merely served to whet our appetites to return and spend more time. Although we didn't get to see any bears, we did hear them when we returned to our hotel after having dinner.  We did encounter a raccoon who had staked out a few of the garbage cans.

The Mariposa Grove is where the Giant Redwoods are.  The famous California Tree (cars drove through a tunnel cut through its base) which fell in 1969 is located there.  We got there late in the day and it was over a two mile walk one way to see it.  Time did not permit us to do that.

Glacier Point gives a spectacular view of Yosemite Valley.

Bridalveil Falls

What was I thinking when I stopped the Atkins diet?

Mariposa Grove

Fallen redwood

This is the view from the window in our room.  Bridalveil Falls (highest in the US) is seen dead center.

A friendly raccoon (we kept our distance) goes prowling for food.

View behind the Ahwahnee Hotel

Glacier Point

Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point
ŠJay S. Orlikoff, DDS, 2003

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