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7/2 Rochester Hills, MI
Checked into our hotel which was across the road from the Pontiac Silver Dome

Rochester Hills, MI
Today we visited with cousins Ron & Madalyn

They are breeders of champion Miniature Pinschers. Here's a picture of a couple of new pups, born only a few hours before we got there.
7/4 Sioux Falls, SD
Well  we arrived around dinner time, ahead of schedule.  I've already thrown in the towel concerning trying to stick to Atkins. I defy anyone to enjoy a Whopper when you are eating it by eliminating the bun and then cutting it with a knife and fork.  It just ain't the same.

So tonight I was going to enjoy some good ol' American food.  Knowing nothing about restaurants in the area, and Zagat not having a Sioux Falls edition, we ventured in to The Fryn' Pan.  There we had what is quite possibly the worst restaurant meal I have ever eaten.

As a service to all who visit this site I present this sign to you. Should you ever encounter it... run don't walk to the nearest vomitorium.

7/5 Rapid City, SD
For those who wanted to see Kellie and the car, here they are
.The day started out uneventfully. I filled up with gas the night before and based on gas mileage I was getting it seemed like I would be able to make it to Rapid City without fueling.  About 30 miles outside of Rapid City I checked the car's computer and found I had enough gas to go 22 miles.  I then checked the GPS to find the nearest gas station.  None for 30 miles. Hmmm.

Well, I decided to make the remaining distance, whatever that might be, as aerodynamically efficient as possible. Put up the top, closed the windows, no a/c and slowed to 55 mph in a 75 mph area.  We drove that way for 20 miles.  Until we saw a sign announcing gas in New Underwood, SD.  God Bless Steve's Superstore





We then drove to Mt Rushmore





We also got to see the Crazy Horse Memorial

After leaving the Mt. in 84 degree temperature, but with the sky looking like it was 10:00 pm. The heavens opened up with a torrential blanket of water.  To accentuate the storm, hail ranging in size from large marbles to golf balls pummeled us for over a half hour as the temperature fell to 50 degrees.

Later in the day the sky cleared, storm watches were lifted and we returned to see the very patriotic evening presentation.

Here are a few more pictures including a wild beast I ventured out of the car to get a face to face picture.  Forgive the picture not being properly framed but under the circum- stance I think I can be forgiven.


Tomorrow is 1100 miles to Winnemucca, NV.


7/6 Winnemucca, NV 

There wasn't much to talk about for today. We drove 1100 miles to arrive here and have another horrible meal.

The following picture will have little meaning to anyone other than my sister. But to share an important part of our childhood with all of you...Almost 50 years ago on a trip cross country with our father at the wheel, me riding shotgun and my mother & sister in the back seat, my sister got sick... all over me.  She was quite good at positioning herself so that she got maximum coverage of her breakfast on me.  For an hour we drove until we got to Little America, Wyoming where I was able to clean up in the mens' room.  I hope you all enjoyed that little personal piece of Americana.

I may have to put audio on this page so that you can all hear my sister's sinister laugh whenever that tale is told.

7/7 Yosemite

Yosemite is magnificent.
There are too many pictures
to place here.
See the
Yosemite page

7/10 San Simeon, CA

Today we drove to Hearst Castle.  No flash photography is permitted inside.  Here's a view of the Pacific from the Coast Hwy


Hearst Castle Back Door              

the outdoor pool


7/8-9 San Francisco, CA
click here for San Francisco Pictures
7/10 No. Hollywood, CA

Arrived after detouring to avoid the freeway being closed due to a motorcycle accident.  Magellan GPS helped us find our way in a foreign land.

7/11 Beverly Hills, CA

Dinner was with cousins, Rube, Trudy & Estelle

 7/11 Burbank, CA

Today we saw a taping of General Hospital with cousins Wayne & Teri. The tour was arranged by their daughter Michelle.  The cast was very warm and gracious to a couple of star struck tourists. 

We saw the LA Subway... no s--- a subway in LA.  Here are pictures outside and inside.

7/12 Van Nuys, CA

Cousins Joel & Stevi had us over for breakfast along with Wayne and Teri.  The visits with family that we don't see often enough are far too short accentuating the hectic pace of our trip.

7/12 Buena Park, CA

The Snoopy Shop at Knott's Berry Farm


7/13 Disneyland, CA

...and yet another cousin at Disneyland's Jungle Cruise

Tigger & Eeyore molesting some unsuspecting children

Some poor college student in a Winnie the Pooh costume in 95 degree heat.

Winnie the Pooh ride


Click on the following picture to see the It's a Small World ride

Pinocchio camping it up in a transvestite show

More Pinocchio pictures:
340 342 344b

Snow White Ride where coincidentally I met some of my former denture patients

Kellie with a failed bonding patient

Am I the only one who found it odd that in a Disney Park they should have this proprietor's name?  I would think it is more appropriate in South Park.
Pirates of the Caribbean
This should be of significance only to my sister.  Funny that these two shirts were next to each other.

Visiting with cousins
Eileen & Henry

Here's a free plug for a wonderful product and company... Thales navigation makers of
Magellan GPS units.  Last year I purchased a 750M unit that performed flawlessly.  This year they came out with a unit which contains more than 3 times the database.  They overnighted a unit to me so that I would have it for the trip.  When a minor problem developed they overnighted a second unit to me at my cousins Madalyn & Ron(see above).  I had to return the defective unit and decided to do it in person and met the techs that worked along with me.  Here I'm pictured with Al.  The Magellan unit has saved me hundreds of miles when compared to routes planned by the AAA or MS Streets and Roads.  For those interested in a GPS for their cars I heartily endorse the 750M Plus. 

7/14Murietta Hot Springs, CA

Visiting with my Aunt Marge

7/15 Banning, CA

Kellie, Jay, Aunt Shirl, John

Aunt Shirl's excuse for a dog, I believe it's really a rat

Aunt Shirl


Aunt Shirl & Kellie

7/16 Las Vegas, NV

Cousins Bernie & Elka met us at the Venetian Hotel for a couple of days.  Here they are in the lobby, and here we all are...

We got a really good deal from the hotel... 2 free nights plus up to $350 in match play money.  They knew what they were doing and I dutifully made my donation

7/17 Utah

We had dinner with cousins Arlene, Ivan & Angie and my Aunt Helen on Thursday the 17th.  But in order to get there we first had to drive through some beautiful country in Utah.

This, in no way, was some of the beautiful scenery.

Luckily we didn't see anyone who had to use this lane

Cousins Angie & Ivan

Cousin Arlene

Aunt Helen
Kellie, Aunt Helen, Jay


7/18 Columbia, MO

We left beautiful Colorado and continued our trip home.  Our original plan was to make today a relaxing day and drive only a few hundred miles, sleep in Salina KS so that on Friday we could have lunch in KC for a genuine KC BBQ with cousin Frank.

Circumstances caused us to change our plans and try to put in more time in the car and have the BBQ as dinner tonight.

As we entered Kansas, we were faced with some road construction.  A truck in front of us kicked up some gravel which hit our windshield, cracking it.  For the rest of the trip we watched as the crack grew longer and longer.

With that bit of agita we got to Hayward's Barbecue in Overland, KS unfortunately it was too late to call Frank so with great anticipation we order our ribs.  This meal turned out to be the biggest disappointment of our trip. They were beneath terrible.  Frank lucked out by not seeing us.

Prior to the trip a debate arose on the Internet Dental Forum about whose BBQ was better, KC or Texas.  Well I haven't had a genuine TX BBQ but we have to give them award no matter what.

7/19 Indy Speedway

The last planned stop on the trip was the Indianapolis Speedway.  A great number of pictures are posted for you to see, but I warn you they will probably only be of interest to enthusiasts.

Click on this picture to go to the Indy page

So at about 2pm we walked out of the Indy Museum, got into the car and turned on our Magellan GPS.  It showed we had less than 800 miles until we got home.  Kellie and I looked at each other and said "Let's go for it."

7/20 Home

We arrived home at 3:45am, a day early. 

Most importantly, it was a terrific trip but far too short.  We are still talking to each other, and after having made this trip about 9 times before, I can safely say that Kellie is the best person to go with on this kind of a trip.


ŠJay S. Orlikoff, DDS, 2003
Copyright Jay  S. Orlikoff, DDS, 2020

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