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We used to play a few "trivia" games in the office to pass the time. We challenge you to come up with the answer to this one. The answer contains no technical terms and NO slang expressions. All answers are commonly used terms. So now that you know the rules... here's the question. Name eleven (11) parts of the body that have three (3) letters in their name.

You can e-mail your answers to me and I'll reply. The following are NOT acceptable: lid, gut, ass, t--, pit. (I wrote t-- because this is a page presented by a professional for the entire family... t-- would have been acceptable if your family was named Manson.)

I believe the origin of this question was on the TV show, Jeopardy.  It was a final Jeopardy answer.  Name the four state capitals named after US Presidents.

What are the two European countries that each has seven letters in its name, but if you change just one letter in the name of one of these countries you get the name of the other country.  You do NOT have to rearrange the letters.

Name the four state capitals that begin with the same letter as the state.

You are the Hit Counter visitor to test your knowledge.

ŠJay S. Orlikoff, DDS, 2003

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