Reunion for Cunningham JHS

East 17th Street & Avenue S, Brooklyn, NY

Class 8-2 (1955 - 1956) The Dramatics Class

If you were a part of this class or know someone who was please contact me. The next class reunion is now being planned.

Members of the class and last known location

** Denotes addresses as of 1998.  If they've moved since then please notify me

Names appearing in  purple still have to be located
Names appearing in blue have responded for 2004
Names appearing in black sadly have passed away and are missed

All information received will be kept confidential. We will give out no information without absolute confirmation that we are in contact with the actual person

Richard Brenner** Judy Blum Sheindlin**
Steve Campus** Clare Cohen Cornick**, CA
Ira Gasman** Cindy Garment Schwartzman**
Don Lassoff Lucy Gleicher Wax**, NJ
Mike Levine, VA Elaine Cohen Schwartz**
Bruce Mandel** Ellen Renard Spiegel**, NJ
Robert Marcus** Audrey Wyler**
Jay Orlikoff** Roberta Smith Lipton, NY
Edward Parker Linda Weiner Mayster**
David Peskin** Iris Wolkoff Keitel**
Larry Rand** Carole Rosenberg Cohen**
Richie Weiss** Bonita Lawrence Nagler
Bruce Rosenzweig** Blaine Henderson Bennin**
Richard Rudolph** Alice Krumper Bell, NY
Steve Bauman** Jacquie Brumberger, NJ
Barry Kaminsky Leslie Lichtman, CA

Ellen Sandler, NY

Judy Sperman, CA**
Lenore Carmel, NY




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