I guess even though I'm retired I can't get away from giving out some helpful dental information.  The following table has links to information sheets published by the American Dental Association.  I think you'll find them very informative. And then after that serious stuff go back to seeing me tell jokes, that link is at the bottom of this page.
Vaccines for Your Child
Choices for Fixing Cavities
What Is Dental Erosion
Fighting Cavities with Fluoride
Your Child's Teeth
Keeping an Eye on Your Gums
Oral and Throat Cancer
Why Does My Jaw Hurt?
Dental Care During Pregnancy
The Word on Vaping: DON'T START!!!
Oral Care During Cancer Treatment
Oral Health Care Tips for Caregivers
Your Teeth and Jaws Under Pressure (Bruxism)
Can Diabetes Affect My Oral Health?
Using Antibiotics Wisely
Dealing with Tooth Pain
Just What the Doctor Ordered (Medications)
Protection from Tooth Decay
Helping Your Child Fight Tooth Decay
Dental X-rays
Smart Shopping with the ADA Seal of Acceptance


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